5 things to know about Talent and Tech …this 17th week of 2018

Spring is really trying to do its thing here in Boston, but here we are again with another rainy Friday! Let’s not let that cloud some of the bright spots from this past week in HR Tech.  Here are some key highlights:

@Ceridian shares closed up 42% on day 1 of trading, extending a long line of successful software IPOs this year, and valuing the company at $4.2 billion.  Read Tech Crunch’s coverage of their IPO.

GDPR is a hot topic right now. @SmashFly posted this nice piece a few days ago on the topic. Also, there is a great article by @VinayakRenade on Medium that not only talks about GDPR but the broader implications of recent data privacy skirmishes happening. It’s a great read. The image today is borrowed not just from @wardrox but also from Vinayak’s  Medium article.

P&G has entered the recruitment marketing era with a new career site@ToddRaphael covers the work of the P&G team to make this happen in this article. Congrats to the P&G team for having achieved – as  @jasonaverbook would say – their “go begin” milestone!

@rachelebitte with JobVite did a nice piece this week with for FistFullofTalent where she shares some great insights regarding the new recruiter-candidate dynamic, and what’s causing many hires not to hit their 90 day mark.

Want to geek out on recruitment and source attribution? @glarocque  hosted via Talent Product Play an interesting talk this week on multi-channel source attribution with the folks at @hireclix.  You need to be a member of Talent Product Plays to listen to it – here’s the link – start about 8 minutes in to get to the meat of the talk.


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5 things to know about Talent and Tech …this 17th week of 2018

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