Amazon HQ2 Take 2 – Picks Memphis?! Wow!!

It didn’t come as a huge surprise to me when recently Amazon scrapped their plans to set up a headquarters in Queens. But I was completely stunned (and thrilled!) to learn about their new plan to put their HQ2 in my hometown of Memphis, TN. Amazon, I cannot commend you enough for this choice and […]

Five Fun Facts about Tara Torres

If you know Tara Torres, you know she’s a force that cultivates relationships, builds great teams, and advocates for great solutions. Today she’s doing this on two fronts: as a Talent Acquisition Business Initiatives Manager, VP at Wells Fargo, and as a CEO of her own Business: Getting Nailed with Tara. Starting her own business has […]

Solution Spotlight: KRT asks, do you have any geeks watching over your media?

A few weeks ago, we did a blog series called a Tale of Two Turnarounds and in part 2, I mentioned using a programmatic marketing solution. Even in the industry, this is an often unknown strategy. This post is an effort to shine a light on what programmatic marketing is, why it’s essential in a […]

If a Recruiting Ad is Clicked, but Not Tracked, Did it Really Happen?

Recruiting ads often feel like trees falling in the forest with no one there to listen. Back in 2015, the folks at CareerXRoads discontinued their annual Source of Hire Report. It wasn’t because understanding the effectiveness of ads by source is not important for employers. Rather, it’s because in today’s constantly evolving world, tracking ads has […]

A Tale of Two Turnarounds – #2: Recruiting 1099 Sales Reps

Last week, we told the first tale of a company with a failing recruitment strategy that was relatively easy to solve. This week, in our second tale, we’ll take a look at another company facing different and more challenging issues, all the while on a tight budget. We had to get creative, but luckily the […]

A Tale of Two Turnarounds – #1 – Making Your Recruitment Workable

Some problems are easier than others to solve. That was certainly the case for the two tales you are about to hear. In this two-part series, we will be discussing two real case studies of companies facing recruiting challenges. We’ll highlight their situation, the approach we took and the results. Turns out, while both companies […]

Does JobVite + Canvas + Talemetry + Rolepoint Make Sense?

Private Equity Firm K1 has just taken a stand in the recruiting space, acquiring and infusing cash into several eRecruitment solutions offerings and appears to have paid a hefty price. If you’ve been in the recruiting industry as a practitioner or technologist for any length of time, you’ve been watching the ever evolving recruiting technology […]

Five Fun Facts About Doreen Collins

Doreen Collins learned early on the importance of seizing opportunities. She has long been an early adopter and influential pioneer behind digital recruiting transformation at GE. It’s an understatement to say I learned a thing or two from her. When we first met, I was at BrassRing where she was instrumental in helping us understand large enterprise […]

Ten Gems – January 2019

Farewell to month 1 of 2019! We’ve had our snow fun (yes, those are my children in the picture having fun in the backyard), put away the holiday decorations, and dropped the new year’s greetings. Perhaps we learned a thing or two. Here’s refresher with ten gems uncovered last month in the world of HR […]

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