Five Fun Facts about Brenda Reid

Brenda Reid is one of the most influential folks I’ve met in my professional career. We first met when I was leading product for a Recruiting ATS and she was advocating for her company’s needs. I recall relatively innocent conversation of ours that had a massive impact on my understanding of just why getting recruitment […]

Five Fun Facts about Tracey Parsons

Tracey Parsons got her start in Talent Acquisition Technology in the late 90’s like myself, but it wasn’t until we both worked together at SmashFly that our paths crossed. Upon joining SmashFly, I heard rumors of this amazing consultant we had previously worked with for an early customer. That work helped evolve SmashFly’s offering in […]

Five Fun Facts about Allyn Bailey

Allyn Bailey is the Talent Acquisition Transformation Manager over at Intel. She is stirring up some truly revolutionary ideas about how businesses approach recruitment and why they should be throwing that old “funnel system” in the garbage. It’s an approach most Talent Acquisition teams can learn from – I’ve verbally referenced content form this article […]

Five Fun Facts about Jennifer Tracy

Back in 2003 Jennifer Tracy was at ARAMARK running their newly launched staffing centers. She was doing some amazing (some might call them revolutionary!) things, and as a then recruiting product manager I had to come see for myself. Her ideas are truly inspiring and she is someone I’ve been continually learning from and collaborating […]

Five Fun Facts about Tara Torres

If you know Tara Torres, you know she’s a force that cultivates relationships, builds great teams, and advocates for great solutions. Today she’s doing this on two fronts: as a Talent Acquisition Business Initiatives Manager, VP at Wells Fargo, and as a CEO of her own Business: Getting Nailed with Tara. Starting her own business has […]

Five Fun Facts About Doreen Collins

Doreen Collins learned early on the importance of seizing opportunities. She has long been an early adopter and influential pioneer behind digital recruiting transformation at GE. It’s an understatement to say I learned a thing or two from her. When we first met, I was at BrassRing where she was instrumental in helping us understand large enterprise […]

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