Just got my SHRM-SCP, you can too!

If you’ve been working in HR for a few years, you might be interested in expanding your knowledge and putting a formal stamp on your expertise by obtaining an HR certification. If you’re wondering if it’s worth it and how in the world to start that process, this post is for you. This year I […]

Six Questions You Should be Asking Your ATS Provider

If you at Unleash in Vegas, stop by the Expo Hall Influencer Stage at noontime on Tuesday, May 14th, 2019. I’ll be chatting with Gerry Crispin and Martin Burns on the topic of measuring the return of recruitment advertising strategies. This chat came about due to this post from a few months back. You can […]

Recruiting Starts with LinkedIn, Unless You Have a Strategy

A few weeks we discussed two recruiting turnaround tales (which you can read here: tale 1, tale 2). It was noted that both were using the same failing solution at the start. That solution was LinkedIn. Don’t get me wrong, I love LinkedIn. I use it frequently, and for many employers it’s an amazing and […]

If a Recruiting Ad is Clicked, but Not Tracked, Did it Really Happen?

Recruiting ads often feel like trees falling in the forest with no one there to listen. Back in 2015, the folks at CareerXRoads discontinued their annual Source of Hire Report. It wasn’t because understanding the effectiveness of ads by source is not important for employers. Rather, it’s because in today’s constantly evolving world, tracking ads has […]

Does JobVite + Canvas + Talemetry + Rolepoint Make Sense?

Private Equity Firm K1 has just taken a stand in the recruiting space, acquiring and infusing cash into several eRecruitment solutions offerings and appears to have paid a hefty price. If you’ve been in the recruiting industry as a practitioner or technologist for any length of time, you’ve been watching the ever evolving recruiting technology […]

Find the $$ for Your Recruiting Strategy – Part 3

You’re now in the homestretch of your battle to win over the number-crunchers at your company. You’ve identified the soft and hard values most aligned with your business in part 1, begun to gather numbers and structure your soft and hard-value calculations in part 2, and now in part 3 you’re going to be using […]

3 Key Metrics – Find the $$ for Your Recruiting Strategy – Part 2

In the previous article (Part 1), I shared approaches to find value to support your recruiting strategy. We talked about both hard and soft values and I promised to share some more ways to calculate hard values for your talent strategy business case. In this post, “PART 2,” I am going to dig into three specific […]

Find the $$ for Your Recruiting Strategy – Part 1

You know you need it.  It will transform your business, saving you and your company hours, headaches, and ultimately cash. But when asked why to spend the money on this new strategy, the only answer you have for leadership is “Well…isn’t it obvious?” With that, here’s hoping you’re okay with operation status quo. Finding the […]

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