Services for HR Practitioners

Services for HR Practitioners

Services for HR Practitioners

Let us guide your recruitment solution journey.

Strategy and Business case

  • Document current system needs and use cases
  • Develop business case and link value return metrics
  • Manage ad hoc/RFP/RFI based evaluation cycles

Data Management and Analysis

  • Build and run reports ad-hoc reports
  • Analyse data to ensure process/data integrity
  • Troubleshoot data issues within or across systems

Integration Development

  • Deliver data integration and migrations
  • Establish archiving and/or warehousing solutions
  • Maintain integration solutions as a managed service

System Administration

  • Field inbound requests
  • Research options and present recommendations
  • Support/manage release upgrades

User Adoption

  • Identify adoption blockers
  • Define “why use” for your population
  • Deliver persistent communication to drive adoption

Program Management

  • Manage deployment/upgrade project plans
  • Support on-time delivery
  • Align project success metrics, measure outcomes

User Testing and System Validation

  • Define user acceptance plans
  • Execute test scripts and triage issues
  • Minimize go live disruptions

Documentation and Curriculum Development

  • Build quick start guides
  • Create custom tutorials
  • Design custom training curriculum

Training Delivery

  • Deliver virtual or on site sessions
  • Follow-up with users
  • Facilitate lunch and learn sessions

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