Services for HR Tech Providers

Services for HR Tech Providers

Services for HR Tech Providers

Put us to work to identify your unique stripes.

Market Landscape Review

  • Assess current offering
  • Provide outside perspective
  • Pinpoint key value points

Product Strategy

  • Build prioritized roadmap, establish ongoing process
  • Establish systems, processes and feedback loops
  • Manage prioritized backlog

Product Delivery

  • Write user stories, break-down features
  • Triage bugs
  • Train and enable sales team
  • Train support oversee key client deployment

New Release Testing

  • Define release acceptance plans
  • Execute test scripts and triage issues
  • Minimize go live disruptions

User Adoption

  • Identify adoption blockers
  • Define “why use” for your population
  • Build and provide adoption materials
  • Build or guide net promoter strategy

Documentation and Curriculum Development

  • Guide cost effective training solution development
  • Build online help system
  • Create training curriculum

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